Agile Transformation Services

There is a lot more to Agile than just a process or a set of practices.

Agile (or Agility) is more of a mindset—a different way of thinking. Transitioning from 'doing Agile' to "being Agile" requires more than just adopting a set of practices; it requires an organization to live and breathe agile values, using those values to guide decisions at all levels. In other words, it is a transformation of the culture.

When helping organizations make this transformation, Eliassen Group takes a holistic approach. Applying an agile approach to adoption, we work directly with cross-functional business and technology teams to establish a baseline, determine transformation goals, and prioritize program activities. By engaging with all stakeholders - from leadership to delivery teams - we help clients identify and achieve their short-term goals while laying down a foundation that will support future improvements and innovations.

The Complete Package

Eliassen Group is a one-stop shop for Agile transformation resources:

Agile consultants and experts

Agile consultants and experts

Agile coaches

Agile coaches

Agile Training Classes

Training classes and workshops, including Eliassen's unique Whole Team Training program.

Permanet Positions

Recruiting for temporary needs and permanent positions

Culture as Well as Technique

We prefer to work with as much of the organization as possible to ensure cultural challenges inherent in an agile transformation are properly conveyed and concerns and issues can be addressed. In addition, we establish a cycle of “continuous improvement” by identifying areas of waste, determining how to eliminate these and how to increase the facilitation of business value from all teams.

At Eliassen Group, we‘re pragmatic.

We work with our clients to select the practices and tools that fit their circumstances and identify early “wins” that build momentum. We focus on identifying, developing, and delivering business value for internal and external customers, not just implementing methodologies or technologies for their own sake.

Agile Maturity and Business Value

Eliassen Group’s Agile Maturity Matrix Tool lets enterprises quantify and track agile maturity and sustainability, from first steps, through sustainable Agile, to full maturity.

We help you focus on business value, by teaching teams how to evaluate market needs, set priorities, budget to maximize utility to customers, and measure results based on business value.

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