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Catalyze the internal and external customer experience to stay ahead of the curve. Unite business strategy with the right people, technology and design solutions to propel you to the forefront of the industry and keep you there.

How We Help You

The Financial Services industry is defined by the sense of steadiness and trust that customers rely on in their financial advisors and professionals. The best way to effectively communicate these values is evolving in this age of flourishing technological advancement.

Common challenges include:

  • Integrating new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, and other diverse technologies and companies that are finding a concrete place in an expanding market.
  • Ensuring the reliability and adaptability of Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly essential in the face of this more complex technological innovation.
  • Reinforcing the core values of the industry that ensure effective risk-management remains consistent while the industry undergoes a technological transition.

At Eliassen Group, we staff a variety of positions that serve the innovative technology adopted by the Financial Services industry. We deal in fields such as big data, design, and a study of the user experience to provide clients’ customers with the convenience and efficiency guaranteed by cutting-edge digital technology. Because our career recruiters sustain ongoing relationships with our IT contractors over time, they know how to assess, track and maintain availability of specialized talent for financial services organizations.