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The media & communications sector is in flux, as old types of media begin to make way for the cutting-edge technology the customer has come to demand.

How We Help You

Media companies now rely heavily on customer data in order to act as disruptors in the space. Instead of resorting to the guesswork of mass marketing, clients are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to market directly to segmented audiences. This requires greater thought and insight into who the consumer is and the experience they seek.

Those that work in media & communications are expected to regularly reevaluate and update their skillsets to keep up with the sector’s constant evolution. Eliassen Group offers talent solutions services for clients who seek candidates with both a deep knowledge of technology and application-specific experience in the field.

Common Challenges Include:

  • These rapidly-evolving industries require talent solutions support that can keep up with customer expectations in order to provide the ideal customer experience.
  • Entire business models continue to be reevaluated, moving customer demand to the fore, with many companies now providing subscription audio and video services to satisfy that demand.
  • Whereas content topics were historically decided by companies within the space, content topics and the method and type of medium through which content is delivered is now entirely dictated by the customer. The increasing demand to make digital content accessible, for example, is now more popular than ever, and companies that are unable serve popular types of digital content inevitably fall behind.

It’s impossible to know exactly what’s to come next in media & communications, but it’s clear that the synergy between customer, content, and devices will continue to drive the sector. The themes of evolving digital technology and increased focus on customer experience promise continued disruption to traditional methods of communication and human connection.

Industries we serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Ad Sales
  • Broadcast TV
  • Cable Communications
  • Consumer Multimedia Portal
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Rights / Asset Management
  • Global News Distribution
  • Internet Service
  • Media Publishing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Music / Media Publishing
  • Music Licensing
  • Online Pay-Model
  • Telecom Services
  • TV Multimedia Integration
  • Wearable Technology
  • Wireless Communications